A quality you can feel



We are delighted to present you with our FW 2018-2019 Cashmere collection, which consists of the highest quality products designed to bring comfort to every little detail of your everyday life. We are motivated by an honest desire to redefine the notion of comfort and adapt it to the needs of a modern, sophisticated and confident lady. Our FW 2018-2019 collection is a prime example of that philosophy being realized into successful practice.

Homeware collection

Our collection of items for the home in natural hues created to invite tactile experience

Luxurious, soft and delicate

Bonnie’s collections are essentially based on the highest standards of quality, achieved through a vital interplay of supreme artisan craftsmanship applied to the finest eco-cashmere and eco-friendly cashmere. Along with the highest standards of excellent workmanship and attention to detail, the superior quality of our cashmere is also attributable to it being sourced from the very heart of Inner Mongolia.

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