A quality you can feel


In a world dominated by climate change, globalisation and frequent travel, one must look deeper to address the sensitivities the planet faces. Born from a devotion to bridge modern-day desires with sustainable philosophies, Bonnie’s symbolizes life’s greatest pleasures.


quality & ambition

While the cashmere quality across the world varies and differs drastically, at Bonnie’s we are fundamentally committed to source only the finest cashmere. The fibers of the cashmere we use is 14.5 microns thin and 36-38 mm in length – a very rare commodity, classified by the industry experts as the best attainable Grade AA cashmere, defined by its exquisiteness and softness.


From sourcing to producing, and, ultimately, wearing, Bonnie’s cashmere, standing at the pinnacle of quality and ambition, is the natural choice for the present, the future, and, most importantly, You.


Bonnie’s eco-cashmere is 100% natural. As such, eco-cashmere enjoys its natural privilege of being completely free of undesired elements such as solvent-based inks, iron, tin, potassium and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It remains undyed and unbleached, thereby preserving the value of its authentic origin, as well as representing the aesthetic ideal so desired by modernity.

Eco-friendly cashmere

In turn, the eco-friendly cashmere is a child of traditional-authentic craft and modern technologies. The production of a cashmere yarn requires a highly sophisticated, sequential approach that guarantees the purity of the product and the comfort of wearing it. The cashmere is dyed on the state-of-the-art Italian machinery and is then pre-treated using healthy biological compounds of Swiss and German origin, which ensures the quality of the garments that could even be worn on bare skin.



Banu Babayeva

Founded by art collector Banu Babayeva, also known by her friends Bonnie, the brand is a culmination of Banu’s passion for exquisite craft and attention to detail. Banu divides her time between running her boutique in Kazakhstan and fashion styling in Hong Kong. With experience working directly with international luxury designers at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris, and Milan, Banu’s knowledge and taste have led her to become a stylist  for prominent names in both her homeland and Hong Kong.